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Without giving too much away, take a sneak peak of what we have planned! Guest are welcome to participate in as much or a little as you wish. Please note, programme is subject to change.



• 9.30am Arrival Tea/Coffee Refreshments
• 10.00am Welcome

Class 1: 10:10am


West End Workout: Class as you know it - we start with a familiar warm up and standard format class to get us going. A suitably iconic routine, but don't worry, we won't get you to 'do it again' too many times! 

Teacher: Jack

Duration: 50 mins inc. Warm Up

Wear/Bring: Usual class attire, i.e sportswear, leggings, vest and clean, non-marking trainers

Class 2: 11:00am


Jazz Technique: A blast from the past for those who danced in their heyday, or a chance to release your inner 'Fame' - we're talking kicks, pirouettes and leaps across the room - all the hilarious stuff we never get time to try!

Teacher: Steph

Duration: 40 mins

Wear/Bring: Usual class attire, plus optional leg warmers and sweatbands!

Class 3: 11:50am


Contemporary Lyrical: Something a little more fluid and graceful for a change - dancing those beautiful MT ballads we rarely get to use. Warning: high chance Steph may cry at this point!

Teacher: Steph

Duration: 40 mins

Wear/Bring: Usual class attire, bare feet encouraged (but not compulsorary)

Class 4: 12:45pm


Commercial/Heels: Time to turn up the heat and drop it like it's hot... or lukewarm, at least! Be ready to strut your stuff (in heels if you're feeling brave!) with this fiery, empowering workshop. 


Teacher: Jack

Duration: 45 mins

Wear/Bring: Usual class attire, plus a bucket load of SASS! Low heeled, supportive/snug boots encouraged (but not compulsorary - stick in trainers if you prefer) NB - No stilettos, sandals, slingback or loose fitting heels.

Lunch: 1:30 - 2:30pm


A light buffet lunch (sandwich selection and fruit platter) will be served in the Garden Suite. Rooms are available to Check In from 2pm - a chance to drop your bags and freshen up.

Class 5: 2:30pm


Singing: A chance to give our vocal chords a workout while we digest lunch! Just some fun warm up exercises and a quick group sing song - something we've always wanted to do.

Teacher: Steph

Duration: 30 mins

Wear/Bring: Usual class attire

Class 6: 3:00pm


Triple Threat Performance: Yep, we're singing and dancing at the SAME TIME! We'll combine our learnt song with a routine, complete with staging for a full blown production number - 'full out, with face and feeling!'

Teacher: Steph and Jack

Duration: 45 mins

Wear/Bring: Usual class attire

Class 7: 3:45pm


Stretch & Relaxation: A moment of calm and restoration. Enjoy some relaxing stretch and mobility work to free up tight and tired muscles. Aaaaand... breathe.

Teacher: Jack

Duration: 40 mins

Wear/Bring: Usual class attire, plus a yoga/exercise mat if you have one (not essential)

Break: 4:30pm

~ backstage break ~

• 4.30 - 5.00pm Tea/Coffee and Birthday Cake
• 5.00 - 7.30 Spa/Free Time

Dinner: 7:30pm


Dress Code: 'MUSICALS' Fancy Dress!

• 7.30pm Dinner
• 9.30pm Games/Entertainment

* You may be asked to prepare a quiz question relating to the musical you've dressed up as...!



• 8:00 - 10:00am Breakfast
• 11:00am Check Out

The rest of the day is yours - if anyone isn't rushing home, we recommend a visit to nearby Chelmsford (15 minute drive away) for Central Park / River Walk, Shopping, Chelmsford Cathedral, Museums, Lunch/Afternoon Tea!

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